Open Call for Artists - AiR Biekorf 5.0. 'The Wall is as Soft as Lace' - Sylvie De Meerleer

Open Call for Artists - AiR Biekorf 5.0. 'The Wall is as Soft as Lace' - Sylvie De Meerleer

Sylvie De Meerleer is, in the footsteps of Mieke Teirlinck, Marec, Matthieu Lobelle and Geertje Vangenechten, the fifth artist from Bruges appointed as Artist In Residence throughout the cultural season of Cultuurcentrum Brugge and has therefore created a work of art on the wall of the Exporuimte Biekorf. On the scene,Sylvie has created a fascinating spiral shape by using a hammer and a chisel with the intention of broadening the concept of “space” as well as the imaginative opportunities of the viewer. The spiral shape brings us right back to the concepts of infinity and eternity, an ever-changing, transitional landscape. It’s the kind of shape appearing everywhere in nature and to be found all over the cosmos and in man-made objects. The circles in the final outcome are reminiscent of the year rings in the cross section of a tree stump, or of a drop softly falling into water, but also of lace, which is actually a familiar story for Bruges. Through her labour-intensive intervention, the paint’s top  layer has been shedding of the wall at certain spots. It shows subtle traces of underlying work from previous artists, reappearing now on the surface and such as, becoming embedded in the work of art ‘The Wall is as Soft as Lace’. 

Like every season, we call on artists to provide an answer to the mural art of our Artist In Residence. We are very curious about any artistic reactions to ‘The Wall is as Soft as Lace’. This time, also non-visual artists, such as musicians and writers are challenged to engage into a dialogue! Using this fragile work of art as a starting point, we call on all sorts of artists to reply to Sylvie’s quest into rhythm, stratification and the pattern of the spiral shape in nature. Each artist has the opportunity to formulate one single answer within his/ her specific artistic language. Sylvie will make a selection from the replies while curating the exhibition at Exporuimte Biekorf, the theatre hall which has been converted into an exhibition hall.

• Inspiration: ‘The Wall is as Soft as Lace’ is to be visited by appointment ( during opening hours from Tuesday till Friday between 01.00 pm and  17.00 pm, Sint-Jakobsstraat 8, 8000 Brugge (via Anna Vercammenplein). Closed on public holidays.

• Participating works (one work per artist) are to be sent to Cultuurcentrum Brugge, Sint-Jakobsstraat 20, 8000 Brugge or to be dropped in at the front desk, by appointment, at the same address ( from Tuesday till Friday between 01.00 pm and 05.00 pm.

• The deadline to submit a work of art is Friday, February 19th, 2021.

• The opening date of the exhibition is scheduled on Thursday evening, April 22nd, 2021, involving also the publication of a selection of the works of

Further information concerning this project at (050 44 66 23) or (050 44 82 73).