'The Wall is as Soft as Lace' (2020)

Exhibition views

In Situ Work @ AiR Biekorf, Bruges, BE


“ When I have a look, I notice a work of art conceived with a gigantic precision and sensitivity, such as I know you. With depth and relief, beautifully inspired. It looks as if some kind of existence is hiding in the wall. Deeply tucked away between the layers of cement. With your tiny chisel, dot by dot, you manage to liberate, to allow room to this existence which is slowly moving to pop up at the surface. Like a pee-wee creature that finally dares to show up… Your work of art’s structure linked me to a changing landscape as seen from outer space and later on, to lunar craters. Or, even better, to a magnified image of a living organism, only to be found in the depths of the sea. For just a sec, the invisible, hidden life is brought into the open… The spiral shape reminds me of the concept of infinity and eternity. It’s the omnipresent shape reflected in nature, in the universe, in the objects created by mankind. At a short distance the work of art overwhelmed me with a sense of loneliness. A lonely, beautiful planet floating in a free space…”


Curator and art historian Linda Eversteijn, August 2020 (translated from Dutch into English by Marie-Charlotte Lauwereins)